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5 Highlights of the Month : July

Gratitude. It is something not so many of us think about on a daily basis. We are so focused on the future and the next big thing. So much so, we don't give ourselves enough time to process and appreciate the things in-between. That is why, now July has been and gone I want to write this blog post and share my top 5 highlights of this month.

I hope you enjoy reading it and perhaps afterwards you can take some time for yourself and reflect on your own highlights from July.

1. July was a super busy month (Like most years to be honest) It's the time our family tries to squeeze in as many trips as humanly possible into a single month. The first one being our big trip of the year, and this year it was Croatia. To be more precise, the small Renaissance island town of Trogir.

Coming from the west-coast of Scotland, generally means that the summers are spent coupe up inside, watching the rain fall down the window, whilst melting from the heat all at the same time because AC is practically non existent in the UK.

So being able to look on the weather app and see 1% chance of rain and know that it will stay that way the entire trip, (sighs) it feels good. So does the AC though, God bless the AC.

2. After Croatia, me and my mum only had a couple days at home before we left on our second trip of July. We had decided to go to Inverness to camp for a couple nights. My mum and I love going camping whenever possible. Being able to really be in with nature. My favourite part of camping are all the sounds you can hear. The wind rustling through the trees, the rain pattering on the top of the tent. And of course the tradition of a chippie is another joy of camping.

I actually did something that in my 22 years of living, had never done before. Physically turned off all (yes I said all) my social media accounts. Instagram, gone. Facebook, see ya. Snapchat, so long. And it was the best thing I could've done for myself at that point in time. I was able to connect with my surrounds and fully enjoy my surrounding.

Being a fashion student, I feel like I am constantly keeping half an eye open on whats going on around the world. But going camping and switching off from the world completely, allowed me to live and embrace the beautiful country that I live in.

Now as I write this post, my socials have been switched back on again, "duty calls" so to speak. But notifications are still dormant and will remain so. It is impossible now a days to not be social in some ways through the internet. It is part of society. But having notifications turned off means I'm not constantly checking my screen. It allows me to forget that it's even there, at least for a short amount of time that is. :)

But it is always important to realise the small things that effect the bigger picture. You.

3. Anytime an excuse comes up allowing me to go down into London is always taken full advantage off. This time it was a Uni related excuse and our destination was the world famous V&A. There was a Christian Dior exhibition on and to say that it was beautiful, whimsical and utterly stunning would be a true understatement. Being able to see first hand and up close to the craftsmanship of making these garments was amazing to see and experience.

Aside from looking at works of art hang from mannequins. I was also able to meet up with my cousin who lives in London for a "quick" drink in a pub. The last time I saw her was last year at her wedding so it was really lovely to meet up again a year later and just talk about the different things happening in our lives.

4. Family is everything. I am awfully lucky to have the family I have. Especially now that I am older, I can really see how beautiful the family dynamic is and treasure every visit we manage to fit in to see everyone. The lunches at my aunt and uncles house, the dinners out at a local pub and of course the family gossiping and chatting round a huge table, it sometimes feels like a movie if you were to look it from the outside. This time, I even got to go in one of the canoes my aunt and uncle have and take it out on the small river at the bottom of their garden.

I have to admit, I'm a bit rusty with using a canoe and I did go into a bush that obviously had to have stinging nettles wrapped in it. That hurt, but it was still a lot of fun.

5. Now at the end of July, everything is starting to calm down. We are all home and I have absolutely no plans! Non! So I am able to slow myself down and properly chill for a couple weeks before the mess of moving back to Uni happens in September.

The thing with gratitude I've noticed is that you need something to happen to be grateful about something else. For example, July. A month filled with beautiful trips and memories I will remember for as long as I live, to which I am of course grateful for, but without this busy time I would not be so excited for the quiet time I now find myself in.

There is a lot in life to be grateful for, it's waiting for you to find it.

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